Hong Kong and Singapore “tourist bubble” tentatively postponed until June 13 to announce the departure arrangements

May 17 2021 The Hong Kong SAR Government announced on the 17th that the two governments decided to postpone the restart date of “Tourist Bubble” scheduled for May 26 in response to the recent outbreak in Singapore.

A spokesman for the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government said that the Hong Kong and Singapore Governments would continue to monitor closely the development of the outbreak on both sides, including the effectiveness of the Singapore Government’s more stringent anti-pandemic measures in recent days.

During this period, the two sides will continue to maintain close communication, inform each other of relevant statistics and review developments in order to determine the departure arrangements under the “tourist bubble” and make further announcements on or before 13 June.

Hong Kong and Singapore are regional aviation hubs and international cities. A spokesman for the SAR stressed that the two Governments remained very keen to resume cross-boundary exchanges gradually and in an orderly manner through the “tourist bubble” under a series of stringent public health measures.