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Heavy snowfall in Spain’s capital: traffic gradually resumes and schools remain closed

Heavy snowfall in Spain's capital: traffic gradually resumes and schools remain closed

The picture shows a man jumping over a snow-covered street in Madrid, Spain.

January 11 According to Reuters, blizzard “Filomena” recently hit central Spain.

The Madrid region suffered heavy snow for about 30 hours, causing traffic to paralyze for a time. On the 11th local time, schools in Madrid remained closed, but some train and plane flights have resumed.

It is reported that the blizzard has killed four people.

On the 9th, Madrid snowed as high as 20 to 30 centimeters, the largest since 1971.

According to the report, the operator of Madrid Barajas Airport said that 117 of the about 400 flights planned to enter and leave Hong Kong on January 11 had been cancelled.

Most of the train operations in the suburbs of Madrid will resume on January 11, but the number of trains is still lower than usual.

In addition, high-speed rail from Madrid to and from nearby cities is also gradually recovering.

Spanish Interior Minister Malaska said that traffic conditions are improving, but there are still “abnormalities” and many roads are closed.

Spain’s National Meteorological Service said that this round of cold wave in central Spain is expected to last until January 14, and the temperature may drop to minus 10 degrees Celsius.

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