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Heavy snow in Spain has killed 4 people.

Heavy snow in Spain has killed 4 people.

Since the 7th, blizzard “Filomena” has invaded Spain. On the 9th, the traffic in the capital Madrid was paralyzed, and the road area was snowy for dozens of centimeters thick. So far, four people have died in Spain from the blizzard and the accidents caused by it.

Madrid, Spain, snowed dozens of centimeters, and road traffic was paralyzed.

Affected by heavy snow, the whole territory of Spain ushered in extremely cold weather on the 9th. The capital Madrid has been snowing heavily for about 30 hours, with a thickness of dozens of centimeters.

Road traffic has been paralyzed, and ground public transportation has been suspended almost completely.

Madrid Barajas International Airport also announced the suspension of all flights. Madrid mayor says it is suffering “the worst snowstorm in 80 years”.

Bergnia, citizen of Madrid: I’ve never seen such heavy snow in Madrid. It’s too difficult for us citizens to go out.

Citizen of Madrid Roberto: Now the city’s traffic is basically paralyzed due to snow, and stores are closed, which prevents us from living a normal life.

In the Madrid region, a local resident died in snow burial on the 9th; in Andalusia, two people died in an accident caused by bad weather.

Thousands of trapped people in Spain have been rescued, and there are still drivers waiting for rescue.

By the afternoon of the 9th local time, more than 1,000 trapped vehicles had been rescued in Madrid, and about 1,500 trapped people had been rescued; however, many drivers were still trapped on the road.

Trapped Driver Carlos: I have been trapped for 18 hours, starting from 4 p.m. yesterday (8th)

I didn’t eat or drink anything, and the gas was running out.

I waited for the clearance car to clean the road, but I never came. It was desperate.

The Spanish government warned people to avoid unnecessary travel.

According to the forecast of Spain’s National Meteorological Administration, the snow is expected to last until the morning of the 10th local time.

The Spanish government warned the people that the country is experiencing extreme cold weather that has not been seen in the past 50 years, and advised people to avoid unnecessary travel as much as possible.

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