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heavy rainfall in italy’s liguria region caused several road and rail disruption

heavy rainfall in italy's liguria region caused several road and rail disruption

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October 4th 2021, several roads and railways in the liguria region of northern italy were disrupted by floods and mudslides triggered by heavy rainfall. district president totti urged residents to avoid unnecessary outings.

the hard-hit city of savona received 400mm of rain in 12 hours, equivalent to the amount of rain in other parts of italy throughout the year. the ongoing municipal elections were also suspended as a result of the closure of several bridges, which divided the city into two parts. in addition, on the morning of 4 october, mudslides triggered by floods caused the disruption of the railway line linking turin and savona, as well as two local highways.

heavy rainfall is forecast by the meteorological department for several more days and continues to spread to several regions and islands in northern and southern italy.

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