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Havana Province, Cuba, will be closed from traveling from 21:00 to 5:00 the next day to control the rebound of the pandemic.

Cuba plans to vaccinate tourists against the country's coronavirus

Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez in an exclusive interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters in Beijing on May 30, 2019. ( Photo by Wang Pei, Xinhua News Agency)

February 4 Government officials of Havana Province, Cuba announced on the 4th that the province will impose a curfew again from the 5th, and vehicles and personnel will be banned from 21:00 a.m. every day to 5:00 the next day to control the recent obvious rebound of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Torres Irivar, chairman of the Havana Provincial Defense Commission, said at the regular meeting of pandemic prevention and control on the same day that only a small number of authorized personnel and vehicles are allowed to travel during the curfew, and the curfew policy will continue until the local pandemic improves.

In addition, Havana Province will further urge people to maintain social distancing, strictly prohibit children from moving in public places, and impose high fines on individuals and units that violate pandemic prevention regulations.

Havana Province imposed a month-long curfew last September, the worst region of the coronavirus pandemic in Cuba.

The number of coronavirus cases in Cuba has risen rapidly recently.

According to the data released by the Ministry of Public Health of Cuba, there were about 15,000 new confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in Cuba in January this year, more than the total number of confirmed cases in the whole year last year.

As of the 4th, Cuba has confirmed 30,345 cases and 225 deaths.

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