Has Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly suffers from Parkinson’s disease? Has his family urged him to resign? The Kremlin responded

According to the Daily Mail, a Moscow source and Kremlin critic Professor Valery Solovy stated that Vladimir Putin “will resign from the post of President of Russia in January next year because he may suffer from Parkinson’s.” He also said that Putin’s 35-year-old daughter Maria and 34-year-old daughter Katerina are urging him to step down.

It is reported that Putin is 68 years old this year. Although judging from his age, he is an elderly person, but most of the time he appears to appear to be much younger than his actual age. However, as a leader of a major country, Putin inevitably has to accept the critical eye of people from all over the world under the spotlight. Therefore, in recent years, someone has claimed to have found evidence of Putin suffering from Parkinson’s in some videos.

In a video a few years ago, someone found that Putin’s right arm swings significantly less than his left arm when he walks. For this reason, the British Medical Journal stated that asymmetrical arm swing is a typical feature of Parkinson’s disease. However, some experts pointed out that this is because Putin has developed a habit in weapon training before, so this kind of “gunman gait.”

And officials around Putin have been scornful of Putin’s deteriorating health. Putin himself has created a sports image: horse riding, wrestling, ice hockey, and winter swimming. However, even though there is an explanation, there will be intermittent news that Putin has won Parkinson. In a recent video, some of Putin’s unnatural behavior aroused speculation.

A video shows Putin clutching the arm of the chair tightly, his legs moving unnaturally, and his hand with a pen seems to twitch. “The Sun” analysts also revealed that his cup was full of painkillers.

Putin’s performance was shocking, and earlier this week, Russia hurriedly passed an unexpected immunity amendment bill. This law is said to ensure that Putin becomes a senator for life, and that he can enjoy legal immunity and state allowances before his death, and this new draft legislation was proposed by Putin himself.

Russian state-run RT media predicts that this move will be seen as a sign that Russia is laying the foundation for the ultimate transfer of power. Solovy also said that Putin intends to announce his handover plan in January. He hinted that Putin will soon appoint a new official and will carefully train it to take over the power.

Rumors about Putin’s health have been circulated for several years, but the news from sources in Moscow is rare, and he also said that he has a nose and eyes, which intensified outside speculation, but according to a report by the Russian Satellite News Agency on the 6th , Russian Kremlin spokesman Peskov dismissed rumors that President Putin had health problems and planned to resign. Peskov said this is completely nonsense. Putin is in good health and has no plans to resign.