Guatemalan demonstrators burned the National Congress building erected the guillotine the president issued a warning


November 22nd – According to the Russian Satellite News Agency and the Associated Press, on the 21st, local time, a large-scale demonstration broke out in Guatemala against the government’s reduction of education and health spending in the 2021 budget. At the scene, demonstrators broke into the Capitol building to graffiti and set fire. Guatemalan President Jammati warned that the demonstrators involved in the sabotage would be held accountable.

It is reported that the Guatemalan government recently announced the country’s new budget for 2021, which includes cuts in education and health spending. The new government budget has triggered a large-scale protest in the country under the double blow of the coronavirus epidemic and the hurricane disaster.

According to the live video, on the 21st, local time, about 7,000 people demonstrated in front of the national palace in Guatemala City, which later turned into a riot. Protesters broke into the Capitol and set fire to the scene, and smoke billowed. Others broke windows and graffiti on the wall. Demonstrators threw dangerous objects at the riot police.

One of the videos shows riot police pressing a man to the ground while dispersing the crowd. Other videos show that some protesters also brought guillotines to the scene of the demonstration.

Guatemalan President Jammaty warned on the 21st that the demonstrators involved in the sabotage would be held accountable.” We defend the people’s right to protest, but we don’t allow damage to public or private property.” He also said that he was meeting with various groups to discuss changes to the controversial budget.