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Greek Prime Minister’s coronavirus vaccination is questioned. Senior nurses refute conspiracy theories.

Greek Prime Minister's coronavirus vaccination is questioned. Senior nurses refute conspiracy theories.

Data picture: On December 27th, local time, many EU member states officially launched the coronavirus vaccination work. The picture shows a woman working in a nursing home in Berlin, Germany, who is being vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

December 29 According to a report by the China-Greek Times, on the 27th local time, Greek Prime Minister Mizotakis was vaccinated against the novel coronavirus in front of the camera. Some people questioned the injection.

On the 28th, a senior nurse refuted the conspiracy theory that the Prime Minister only injected saline.

On the 27th, Mizotakis was vaccinated against Pfizer against the coronavirus under camera and called on the public to join the vaccination plan.

However, some Greek people pointed out that from the video on the scene, only nurses can be seen extracting the solution from the saline bottle and injecting it, thus questioning whether the vaccine was really.

To this end, Eleni Petraka, vice president of the Federation of Nursing Industries and a member of the Institute of Health, wrote on social media on the 28th, rejecting the above conspiracy theory.

She pointed out that the vaccination step of the vaccine is to mix and dissolve the drug ingredients into normal saline or other solutions before injecting them with a diluted solution.

The video clearly lists the dosage description and also explains the dosage of each vaccine, and she is helpless about the conspiracy theories put forward by critics who do not know the vaccination steps. 

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