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Greece’s maritime minister has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. Government will extend lockdown.

Greece's maritime minister has been diagnosed with the novel coronavirus. Government will extend lockdown.

November 25 According to a report by the China-Greek Times, on the evening of November 24th local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization (EODY) announced that there were 2,135 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Greece in the past 24 hours.

At present, a total of 95,137 cases have been confirmed and a total of 1,815 deaths have died. . The Greek Ministry of Maritime and Island Policy issued a notice on the 23rd that its minister Giannis Plachiotakis tested for the novel coronavirus that night and tested positive.

Plachiotakis himself subsequently briefed the situation through social media, which read: “I just learned that the COVID-19 test was positive late this night. I feel good now. I will follow the instructions of the Greek National Health Organization and quarantine at home.”

In addition to Plakiotakis, Greece’s tourism minister Harris Theoharis and tourism deputy minister Manos Konsolas were also asked to self-quarantine for two weeks. The reason is that the two had contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient in a meeting. The Ministry of Tourism said that everyone who attended the meeting at that time wore masks. Both ministers tested negative for their first nucleic acid, but they would be tested for the virus again this weekend.

Epidemiologist Gicas Mayocnes said at the epidemic press conference on the 23rd that although the number of people infected with the novel coronavirus in Greece has declined, it still needs people to strictly abide by protective measures to safely lift the total blockade. Greek Health Minister Kikilias warned on the 23rd that Greece will extend the total blockade in view of the pressure on the coronavirus on the health system.

In order to restrict the activities of minors so as not to increase the risk of infection, Greek schools have been closed for a long time. Considering that schools are not the place for the outbreak and spread of the epidemic, the government plans to open schools on December 7 and operate until the Christmas holiday. The government is reportedly expected to conduct a nationwide sample of testing of students returning to schools at all levels to minimize the risk of infection.

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