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Greece Coronavirus cases updated. set new record in one day. Minister of Education infected

Greece Coronavirus cases updated. set new record in one day. Minister of Education infected

According to Euronet, citing EUN News Agency, statistics from the Ministry of Health of Greece on the 27th showed that Greece added 1,259 confirmed cases of covid-19 that day

and the total number of confirmed cases reached 32,752, a refresh of Greece since the end of February. Corona pandemic single day new record.

 In addition, there were 12 new deaths that day, and the cumulative death toll was 593.

Greek Education Minister Kelameus announced on the afternoon of October 27 that she had tested positive for the Coronavirus and did not currently have any symptoms. She was already under quarantine and observation.

 She said that after her spouse developed suspected symptoms of the Coronavirus, the two were tested for the Covid-19, and the results showed that both of them were infected with the new Corona virus.

Greek government spokesman Petsas said at the press conference that the current situation in Attica is stable and he is satisfied. For Ioannina, Seres and Thessaloniki in the north

he believes the next 48 hours are critical, saying that the authorities will do everything they can to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Petsas said that the authorities will not require areas with a surge in cases to close pharmacies before 12 midnight. 

At the same time, he insisted that it is still not time for a complete blockade. He emphasized that the key to avoiding a new round of blockade is to comply with pandemic prevention measures, especially young people.

Infectious Disease Expert Committee member Gegos said that by the end of December, certain vaccination centers are expected to start vaccinating healthy people. He also said that the current health measures will continue in 2021, which will help prevent the spread of infectious diseases such as influenza.

Gegos believes that the current pandemic has spread in Greece. Although there are better preparations, the pandemic is more serious than it was in March. 

If the current pandemic prevention measures still have little effect, the authorities may still initiate a new round of blockade. At the same time, he said that as long as people insist on wearing masks, the number of new cases can be reduced.

Gegos also worried about whether the medical system can withstand the pressure. 

He said that if the Greek authorities open more hospitals designated for the Coronavirus, it will compress other medical items and affect other patients.

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