Greece began to vaccinate high-risk groups such as medical staff against the novel coronavirus.

January 4th, local time, Ya News Agency reported that from the 4th, medical staff in Greek public hospitals began to be vaccinated against the novel coronavirus on a large scale.

It is reported that the vaccination work will be carried out in three stages. It is expected that the number of daily vaccinations can reach 5,000, and the vaccination of medical staff in military and private hospitals will also be carried out at the same time.

In addition, the vaccination of elderly and staff in nursing homes in Greece began at the same time. Vaccination for this category is expected to be completed on January 20.

At present, there are 51 hospitals in Greece that can be vaccinated, and the number can reach 55 by 8 days.

It is expected that more than 10,000 people in Greece will complete the COVID-19 vaccination by January 20.