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Greece announces the coronavirus vaccination plan. The President and Prime Minister will take the lead in vaccination.

Greece extends air restrictions on many countries until March 8

On November 7th, local time, in Athens, Greece, a policeman was checking the driver's documents to determine the purpose of his trip.

December 25 According to a report by the China-Greek Times on the 25th, the Greek government recently announced the country’s coronavirus vaccination plan. It is said that the president and prime minister will take the lead in vaccination on December 27 local time.

According to the report, Greece’s coronavirus vaccination plan is mainly divided into three stages. Greek medical staff, social service staff, residents and staff of nursing homes, residents and staff of rehabilitation centers, and personnel working in key government departments give priority to the first batch of vaccination.

In the second phase, vaccination will be targeted at people over 70 years old, people working in key public sectors, people aged 60-69, and people aged 18-59 with high-risk basic diseases. The vaccination program for this phase is expected to begin in February 2021.

Phase III vaccination groups are among the general population aged 18 to 59, and the vaccination work plan for this phase will begin in June 2021. Cai Ling)

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