Greece announces the coronavirus vaccination plan and will propose gradual lifting measures., November 20 According to a report by the China-Greek Times, on the evening of November 19th local time, the Greek National Public Health Organization (EODY) announced that Greece had a total of 85,261 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 1,347 deaths. Greek government spokesman Pessus said on November 18 that the government will put forward a specific plan for the gradual lifting of the comprehensive blockade next week.

It is reported that the plan includes when different economic and social activities will resume. “Because the risk of virus transmission in schools is low, schools will open as soon as the closure is lifted. In addition, retail stores do not have an excessive risk of transmission, so retail stores can reopen early after the lifting of the blockade.” And cafes and restaurants are also expected to reopen before Christmas. However, in order to avoid crowd gathering, nightclubs, entertainment places, etc. will not be open for the time being.

Pesas said that the government will start to assess the development of the pandemic this weekend and the next week, and adjust the lifting plan according to the actual situation.

At present, Greek health services are stepping up the preparation of relevant plans and infrastructure to ensure the provision of coronavirus vaccination services to the public. According to the information released by Health Minister Vasilis Kikirios, more than 2 million citizens of Greece will be vaccinated every month in the order of medical staff, vulnerable people and the general public. EU member states will also receive the coronavirus vaccine at the same time at the same time at the corresponding proportion of population and at the same price.

The government plans to arrange the vaccination of the public by text message, telephone and online notification, and register the social security number and personal information of the vaccinated for follow-up inspection.