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Graffiti threatened to behead the district chief to massacre teachers and students. Two boys were sentenced to two years in prison in France

SOURCE ITAR November 3, the local newspaper in Lyon, France, reported on Tuesday that the Lyon court sentenced two young men to jail for graffiti on the wall of a local school at the end of October this year.

Threatened “barbaric revenge” against the mayor of the eighth district of the city, as well as teachers and students.

Graffiti on the wall of a school in France

According to sources, the ages of the two defendants are 18 and 19 years old. One of them is from Algeria, and the French authorities are still reviewing his application for naturalization. 

The two young people are currently not attending school and have no formal jobs. Both confessed their crimes, but said that a local drug dealer forced them to do so in order to repay the debts they incurred due to lost drugs and “destroyed brand packaging.”

According to the judgment of the local court, the two defendants will each be sentenced to two years’ imprisonment

one of them will be sentenced to a suspended sentence for “defending terrorism”,

and the two will also be prohibited from contacting or contacting the victim.

Doodle school.

Graffiti on the wall of a school in France

On the evening of October 23, local time, some graffiti appeared on the wall of a school in the eighth district of Lyon, threatening to decapitate the district mayor

Olivier Bozan and killing teachers and students. A week before these graffiti appeared, an 18-year-old man attacked a 47-year-old French teacher Samuel Patty near a high school in Paris and beheaded the teacher.

He later tried to threaten to reach the scene of the incident with a knife.

The policeman was eventually shot dead by the police. 

The French Anti-Terrorism Prosecutor’s Office is investigating this incident.

French President Macron called this incident a “terrorist attack.”

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