Global epidemic briefing: Spain becomes the sixth country in the world with cumulative Coronavirus cases exceeding a million

October 23rd, 22nd Global Epidemic Briefing: Spain becomes the sixth country in the world with cumulative new crown cases exceeding one million

World Health Organization: As of 14:45 on the 22nd Central European Time (20:45 Beijing time), the number of confirmed cases worldwide increased by 423,819 compared with the previous day, with a total of 41,104,946 confirmed cases; the number of deaths increased by 6,424, with a total of 1,128,325 deaths.

Johns Hopkins University, United States: As of 6:24 on the 23rd, Beijing time, a total of 41,552,371 confirmed cases of coronavirus worldwide, and a total of 1,135,229 deaths. The United States is still the most severely affected country in the world, with 8,398,267 confirmed cases and 222,940 deaths.

French Prime Minister

French Prime Minister Castel announced on the 22nd that in response to the worsening pandemic, the French government has decided to expand the curfew area. He stated that France is “experiencing a second wave of epidemics.”

The latest data released by the Robert Koch Institute of the German disease control agency on the 22nd showed that as of 0:00 that day, Germany had 11,287 new confirmed cases of pandemic compared with the previous day, a record high since the outbreak. According to local standards, nearly one-third of the counties and cities in Germany have become epidemic hot spots.

The pandemic data released by the Ministry of Health and Sports of Myanmar on the evening of the 22nd showed that there were 1,312 newly confirmed cases in the country in the past 24 hours, and a total of 41,008 confirmed cases. The cumulative number of confirmed cases in Myanmar exceeded 10,000 on September 27, and there has been a surge of more than 30,000 in less than a month.

Spain became the sixth country in the world with more than one million confirmed cases of pandemic. In the face of the second wave of the epidemic, Spain has once again become one of the countries in Europe hardest hit by the pandemic. The Spanish Ministry of Health announced on the 20th that the first batch of 3 million coronavirus vaccines is expected to arrive in the West at the end of December. By June next year, a total of 31 million vaccines will be available to some citizens.

South African Health Minister Zweli Mukez said on the 21st that the development trend of the Covid-19 epidemic in the country is worrying, especially the rapid increase in the number of confirmed cases in the Western Cape Province recently, and a “super transmission incident” occurred in a bar in Cape Town, the provincial capital.