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Germany will welcome its youngest candidate for chancellor in 72 years

Germany will welcome its youngest candidate for chancellor in 72 years

Die Grünen-Vorsitzende Annalena Baerbock soll ihre Partei als Kanzlerkandidatin in die Bundestagswahl führen. Der Bundesvorstand der Grünen nominierte sie am Montag für den Spitzenposten. Der Bundesvorstand trifft die Vorentscheidung, die dann noch von einem Parteitag bestätigt werden muss, der vom 11. bis 13. Juni stattfindet.

April 19th 2021 the German Green Party announced in Berlin that it would nominate Annalena Belberg, one of the party’s co-chairs, as its candidate for prime minister.

This is the first time the Greens have competed for federal prime minister. In response, Mr Bellberg said: “The Greens have opened a new chapter in their history from today. If we do well, it will also open a new chapter for our country. The nomination still needs to be formally confirmed at the party congress from June 11 to 13. After that, Mr Belbuk will run as the Green Party’s candidate for prime minister in the September 26 federal election.

Belbuk, 40, will join Robert Harbeck as the Green Party’s co-chair from 27 January 2018. As an environmentalist party, the Greens have grown rapidly in recent years and are gaining popularity among a growing number of voters.

Steady poll performance since 2018 has also been the main reason for the party’s decision to nominate a candidate for prime minister. In a new German poll, the Greens came in second with more than 20 percent of the vote, behind Germany’s ruling Coalition Party.

It is worth mentioning that this year is Germany’s 20th federal election since 1949, and Belberg will not only be the second female candidate for chancellor after the current chancellor, Angela Merkel, but also the youngest candidate for German chancellor in history.

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