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German farmers broke out in protest. Dozens of tractors flooded into the streets of Berlin in the snow.

A gas explosion at a house in the Czech Republic has killed two people and injured four others

February 7th – On the 5th local time, a parade broke out in Berlin, Germany.

Dozens of tractors driven by farmers drove across the street.

On the day of the protest, dozens of tractors poured into Berlin and marched in the most prestigious streets, passing through Alexander Square, Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column, according to Russia News Today website.

Protesters marked the tractor with banners and slogans, “Agriculture needs the future.”

The march was aimed at resisting the upcoming agricultural regulation, which farmers believe will affect the livelihoods of many people in the name of “environmental protection”.

On its way across the streets of Berlin, the tractor convoy was also confronted by another demonstration of “anti-fascism”.

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