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German expert-China has made increasing achievements in environmental governance.

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Berlin, December 12

Berlin Hans-Joseph Fehr, president of the German think tank Energy Observation Society, said in a written interview with Xinhua News Agency a few days ago that China has made more and more achievements in environmental governance in recent years. In the future, Europe and China should further strengthen cooperation in the field of environment and climate.

Fell said that in recent years, China has begun to solve environmental problems such as air and water pollution, garbage accumulation, desertification, etc., and the air quality of many cities has improved significantly.

China attaches importance to the development of electric transportation and the reduction of coal power. In the development and utilization of renewable energy, China is a world leader, especially in the fields of solar energy, wind energy and energy storage technology.

China has also made great progress in afforestation, and has played an active role in reducing carbon dioxide and curbing desertification.

In Feld’s view, in the future, China can accelerate its development in garbage conversion, renewable energy, afforestation, organic agriculture, green and environmentally friendly buildings. At that time, other countries can gain more experience from China’s development.

In addition, the further promotion of the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative will promote trade exchanges between China and other countries in the field of environmental protection.

Fell said that in recent years, EU-China cooperation in the field of environment and climate has developed steadily, and relevant legislative exchanges and trade in clean technologies between the two sides are at a high level.

In the future, the two sides should further strengthen cooperation in this regard, especially the discussion on policy measures.

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