German Chancellor Merkel: Germany will ease the blockade measures in stages

German Chancellor Merkel

February 22nd local time, German Chancellor Merkel said at the meeting of the German CDU committee that she was considering easing the blockade measures in stages.

She made it clear that the open strategy in three areas should be combined, including: the field of personal contact; the field of school and vocational education; and the field of sports groups, catering and culture.

The German federal and state governments will discuss adjusting the vaccination order of the vaccinated population on the afternoon of the 22nd local time.

In order to open up primary schools and kindergartens, Merkel entrusted the Minister of Health Spahn to investigate whether primary school teachers and kindergarten teachers could be given higher vaccination priority, and for this purpose, the Vaccination Act must be amended.

According to the data of the German Federal Statistical Office, about one million educators will be adjusted from the third priority group to the second priority group.

In addition, on the 23rd, the German Chancellor’s Office Braun will hold a working coordination meeting with the ministers of the state government in preparation for the Chancellor-Governor Summit on March 3.