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German Chancellor Merkel: Britain-Europe trade agreement has “historical significance”

German Chancellor Merkel: Britain-Europe trade agreement has "historical significance"

△ German Chancellor Merkel meets with British Prime Minister Johnson in January 2020

December 24th local time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated after the EU and the UK had announced a Brexit trade agreement that the agreement was “historic and will lay the foundation for a new chapter in EU-UK relations”. 

She emphasized that even after leaving the European Union, Britain will continue to be an important partner of Germany and the European Union.

At the same time, Merkel revealed that the German Federal Cabinet will hold a conference call on December 28 to discuss Germany’s position. 

She hopes that the German side can make a decision as soon as possible on whether to approve the agreement: “Undoubtedly, we have now achieved good results.”

German Federal Foreign Minister Maas also praised the UK-EU trade agreement as “after a record-setting negotiation marathon and an ultra-long sprint, the hard work has finally paid off.” However, he pointed out that the agreement has not yet “covered The final conclusion”.

Maas wrote on social media that day that EU countries will carefully study the terms of the UK-EU trade agreement. 

For the agreement to come into effect, it needs to be approved by all 27 member states and the European Parliament. 

He emphasized that, as the rotating EU presidency, Germany will make every effort before the end of its term at the end of this year to promote the temporary entry into force of the UK-EU trade agreement on January 1 next year: “This will be a challenging task that requires all parties.

Flexible coordination. But I believe it can be successful.” Maas optimistically estimates that the final entry into force of the UK-EU trade agreement is expected to come into effect early next year after the approval of the European Parliament. 

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