German “anti-vaccine” extremist organization plotted to assassinate the governor and was blamed by the police

German police arrest "anti-vaccine" extremists

December 16 – According to Reuters on the 15th, German police recently cracked an “anti-vaccine” extremist organization plotting to assassinate the governor, and 6 members were arrested.

According to the report, an extremist organization called Dresden offline network plotted to assassinate Saxony Governor Michael Crazimer, and Dresden police recorded on social platforms that he might possess guns, bows and arrows and other weapons. After the police seized the evidence, 6 suspects of the organization were arrested, including 5 men and 1 woman, between the ages of 32 and 64.

Germany recently stepped up epidemic prevention measures, promoted coronavirus vaccinations and imposed restrictions on unvaccinated people, which has aroused dissatisfaction among far-right people. Saxony has one of the highest coronavirus infection rates in Germany, and its coronavirus vaccination rate is also the lowest. The state is the base of the far-right party “German Alternative”, with a large number of protesters with vaccine skepticism and opposition to the lockdown.

Police arrest violent protesters at the scene (video screenshot)

46-year-old Governor Crazimer recently called for strict lockdown measures to prevent Saxony from falling into a fourth wave of the epidemic, but protesters opposed it. Recently, large-scale demonstrations broke out in many parts of Saxony-Anhalt in eastern Germany to oppose the government’s new epidemic prevention policy. In his first parliamentary speech on the evening of the 15th, German Chancellor Schorz made it clear that the government would not tolerate violent protests against epidemic prevention measures. “We will not tolerate the imposition of their will on the whole society by a few unscrupulous extremists.”