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Georgia senators won all two seats in the Democratic election.

Georgia senators won all two seats in the Democratic election.

January 6th, local time, according to many media statistics in the United States, Democratic Congressman Jon Osoff defeated Republican incumbent David Perdue in the Georgia Senate election.

Previously, several U.S. media said that Atlanta Democrat Rafael Walnutk defeated incumbent Republican Senator Kelly Loveler with 50.6% of the vote, and became the first African-American senator in Georgia.

If Volnak and Osoff take office smoothly, it will mean that all two seats in the Georgia Senate will be won by the Democrats. Democrats now have control of the House of Representatives, and after winning two seats in Georgia, they are tied with the Republican Party by 50.

Since the future president of the Senate will be the Vice President of the United States, after the new U.S. government takes office, the de facto control of the Senate will also be obtained by the Democratic Party.

That is, the Democratic Party has full control of the U.S. legislature and executive.

Previously, President-elect Biden won Georgia in the general election, the first Democratic presidential candidate since the 1990s.

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