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Georgia begins to investigate “phone door”, Trump may be charged criminally

'One day it will disappear like a miracle' The former U.S. government misled people.


February 8th local time, Georgia Secretary of State Raffenspeg confirmed to the media that the state has begun to investigate former U.S. President Trump’s attempts to overturn the election results, including the previous “phone door” incident.

A spokesman for Raffenspegg said that the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office is currently investigating the allegations previously received against Trump on a factual basis, and will then be handed over to the relevant judicial authorities for “further efforts”.

The Georgia Attorney’s Office is taking “seriously” the previous “unusual phone calls” between Trump and Raffenspeg, people familiar with the matter said, and are considering whether to file criminal charges against Trump.

Another person familiar with the matter said that the new Georgia Fulton District Attorney Fanny Willis may issue a statement “in some form” this month.

Previously, Willis had said that he would “enforce the law without fear or favoritism”.

Previously, several media in the United States reported that on January 2 local time, Trump called Rafinspegg to demand a recalculation of the results of the state’s 2020 general election and “find” enough votes for himself to overturn the outcome of President-elect Biden’s victory.

Although Raffenspegg is a Republican and a supporter of Trump, Georgia has counted the results of legal votes three times under the supervision and review of Raffenspegg during the 2020 U.S. election, and the results have not been reversed.

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