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From November 7th, the Tokyo Olympic flame will be displayed in many places in Japan

From November 7th, the Tokyo Olympic flame will be displayed in many places in Japan

According to a report by the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), on October 27, the Japanese government announced that the 2020 Tokyo Olympic torch, currently stored in Japan, will begin on November 7. Touring exhibitions in 14 prefectures in Japan.

On August 31, local time, the Tokyo Olympic flame was publicly unveiled at the Olympic Museum in Japan.

According to reports, due to the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics due to the new crown epidemic, the torch relay originally scheduled to begin in March was also cancelled. However, the torch collected in Greece in February was not extinguished, but was stored in the Olympic Museum of Japan for display.

According to the report, from November 7th, the Olympic flame will leave the museum and start from Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, passing through 73 cities, towns, and villages in 14 prefectures in Japan for a touring display to local people.

According to reports, the display time of the torch is about half a day to 1 day, and the display time is about 5 months. It plans to end the exhibition in Sumita Town, Iwate Prefecture on March 16, 2021, and then start a 121-day torch relay in Fukushima Prefecture from March 25, 2021, and arrive at the main venue on the opening day of the Tokyo Olympics. Used by torchbearers to light the main torch tower.

After the announcement of the news, Japanese Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Takeda Ryota stated on the same day, “All regions will carry out various related activities in conjunction with the torch display, and hope that this activity will bring vitality to the place and create an Olympic atmosphere.”

Affected by the new crown epidemic, the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, originally scheduled to be held in July 2020, have been postponed to July 23 and August 24, 2021, respectively.

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