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French researchers are experimenting with camels to detect the novel coronavirus faster and more accurately.

France will issue a Coronavirus vaccination certificate from now on

On January 7, a nursing home in Paris, France, staff displayed a coronavirus vaccine. Xinhua News Agency (Photo by Aurelian Morisar)

February 23, French researchers are testing with tiny antibody particles extracted from animal families, including camels and llamas, which can detect patients for COVID-19 faster and more accurately than existing methods.

The prototype test known as CorDial-1 has not yet been approved for use, but its initial trial of 300 samples shows that the test is as accurate as much as 90% compared with the most reliable common method for detecting the novel coronavirus, the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test, Reuters reported.

Prototype testing can provide results within 10 minutes and can be used outside the laboratory, according to the research team, while PCR testing usually takes hours and requires laboratory conditions.

There are other fast and portable coronavirus tests available, but scientists have questioned its reliability.

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