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French Foreign Minister’s visit to Egypt aims to reduce tension with Arab countries

French Foreign Minister’s visit to Egypt aims to reduce tension with Arab countries

French Foreign Minister Le Drian arrived in Egypt on the 8th local time for a visit, aimed at alleviating tensions with Arab countries caused by France’s tough remarks on “Islamic extremism” and the republishing of the prophet Mohammed’s caricature.

Egyptian President Sisi and Foreign Minister Shukri met respectively with visiting French Foreign Minister Le Drian.

During the meeting, President Sisi stated that Egypt firmly opposes all forms of terrorism and opposes the use of violence and extremism to bind any religion. 

There is an urgent need to strengthen efforts to build tolerance and expand understanding among different religions.

Egypt is willing to make joint efforts with the international community in these areas. 

Sisi also introduced Egypt’s experience and practices in building tolerance and eliminating violence, extremist ideas and terrorism.

Le Drian said that France respects all different religions and hopes to strengthen cooperation with Egypt to cope with increasing extremism and intolerance. 

He also praised Egypt’s efforts to promote dialogue among different religions under the leadership of President Sisi, and praised Egypt as a “model of peaceful coexistence.”

Le Drian and Egyptian Foreign Minister Shukri held a joint press conference after their meeting. 

Le Drian once again emphasized France’s “deep respect” for Islam. He said: “France is fighting terrorism, hijacking religion, and extremism.”

Shukri said that the recent terrorist acts in France are aimed at destabilizing and achieving certain political goals. 

Such attacks have nothing to do with Islam.

French Foreign Minister Le Drian will visit Morocco in North Africa on the 9th. 

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