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French fishermen protest as French-British fisheries dispute escalates

French fishermen protest as French-British fisheries dispute escalates

PARIS, May 6 French fishermen organized dozens of fishing boats in the Waters near st. Helier, the capital of British Jersey, on The 6th to protest against the British government’s violation of the “Brexit” agreement, the French fishing boats entering the waters of Jersey to take restrictive measures.

According to French media reports, 6 early morning, more than 50 French fishing boats to the waters near Saint-Helier to protest, some fishing boats once blocked the port. The fishing boats returned that evening and the protests ended. In the morning, France sent two warships to the waters near Jersey in response to the British 5 sent two warships to the sea. So far, neither country has announced the withdrawal of warships.

French media said that under the Brexit deal, from January 1 this year, EU fishermen can be allowed to fish in British waters, but the British side of 344 applications for French fishing vessels, only 41 can enter the waters of Jersey and these vessels put onerous requirements. The British move sparked a backlash from French fishermen and strained Relations between France and Britain.

French Minister of Ocean Affairs Annick Giraldan said in the French National Assembly on the 4th, if the British government continues to restrict the entry of French fishermen into the waters of Jersey, France will take countermeasures, Jersey from France may be affected by electricity supply. Giraldan issued a statement on the 6th, once again urged the British government to change its approach as soon as possible.

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