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Free school meals were revealed to be “poorly few” The British government launched an emergency investigation

The UK is investigating a new variant Coronavirus that has infected 49 people

The United Kingdom reopened the cabin hospital and closed London's primary schools. ( Reuters)

The free school meal plan launched by the United Kingdom was “turned over” because of a student’s mother’s “posting of pictures”.

The Daily Telegraph reported on the 12th that a user named “Rodside’s mother” posted a photo on social media Twitter on the 11th, showing the 10-day school meal received by the child.

The food was not only poor, but also of good quality.

It is understood that the free school meal, which seems to be worth only £5, is provided by a private enterprise designated by the government.

According to the regulations, families who receive free school meals cannot apply for a food voucher of £30 a week. Earlier, Premier League Manchester United star Rushford advocated for more support for poor families during the coronavirus epidemic. The government finally agreed to provide each poor family with a voucher of £30 a week, which children can buy food when they are unable to go to school.

After seeing photos of school meals, Rushford himself said that the quality of school meals was “unacceptable”. Tens of thousands of Twitter users like and retweet school meal tweets.

Many netizens suspected that private enterprises that made school meals had made a lot of profits and called on the government to strictly investigate the matter.

A spokesman for the British Prime Minister later said that the government had learned of the matter and an urgent investigation would be launched.

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