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Franco-German leaders expressed support for the EU’s coronavirus vaccine procurement strategy

Franco-German leaders expressed support for the EU's coronavirus vaccine procurement strategy

△ German and French leaders attended the online national defense conference on February 5

February 5 French President Macron and German Chancellor Merkel said on the 5th that they supported the EU’s strategy in the procurement of coronavirus vaccines, and called on the EU to strengthen solidarity and cooperation in vaccine production and supply.

Macron held a video meeting with Merkel on the 5th.

After the meeting, Macron said that in recent weeks, Europe has accelerated the production and supply of coronavirus vaccines, and some companies that did not produce related vaccines before have also been asked to switch to the production of coronavirus vaccines to increase additional production.

“We will do everything we can to make faster progress,” he said.

Macron also stressed the importance of EU solidarity.

He said that France supports the vaccine procurement strategy chosen by the EU.

If France and Germany compete in vaccine procurement and production, they will fall into disorder and counterproductive in economic and public health.

Merkel said that the EU’s current vaccine production capacity is lower than expected.

The EU vaccination workday attracted criticism, including the low dose and slow acquisition of member states.

A spokesman for European Commission President von der Leyen said on the 5th that the European Union, on behalf of member states, has done its best to negotiate vaccine contracts.

The EU will take measures to respond faster in the face of emergencies in the future.

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