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France plans to hold a referendum on whether to include climate change in its constitution.

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French President Emmanuel Macron attends the funeral of late French President Jacques Chirac during a military tribute at the Invalides (Hotel des Invalides) in Paris on September 30, 2019. - Chirac, whose high-profile political career spanned three decades capped by 12 years as president from 1995-2007, died on September 26, 2019, at the age of 86 in Paris. (Photo by PHILIPPE WOJAZER / POOL / AFP)

Paris, December 14 French President Macron announced on the 14th that he planned to hold a referendum on whether to include addressing climate change and protecting the environment in the constitution.

According to a press release issued by the Elysee Palace of the French presidential palace on the same day, Macron said after a meeting with the members of the Climate Convention for Citizens that the French government will submit a draft at the end of January next year on the basis of a number of proposals put forward by the members of the Convention, the most important of which is to decide through a referendum.

Whether to include the concepts of protecting biodiversity, protecting the environment and responding to climate warming in the constitution.

Macron said that due to the constitutional reform involved, a referendum can only be held after the above-mentioned draft is considered and passed by Parliament.

French media said that if held, it would be another referendum in France after the 2005 referendum rejected the EU Constitutional Treaty.

In accordance with Macron’s proposal to participate in the national debate in 2019, the “Civil Climate Convention” committee composed of 150 randomly selected French citizens was established in October of that year.

The committee subsequently submitted a number of proposals to the government to address climate change.

In an interview with his own media on French National Day this year, Macron made it clear that he would promote a referendum as soon as possible to include “coping with climate warming” in the constitution.

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