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France found the first mutant COVID-19 infection, a French man living in the UK.

A woman in California, USA, lost two relatives and criticized the White House for neglecting the pandemic.

On December 1st local time, the "Desell Express" COVID-19 testing station set up at Alemany Farmers' Market in San Francisco, California, provided testing services to the public. Photo by Liu Guanguan, reporter of China News Service

December 25th local time, the French General Administration of Health issued an announcement that the first mutant COVID-19 infection was confirmed in France on the same day, a French man living in the United Kingdom.

The man returned to France from London, England, on the 19th of this month.

On the 21st, he was diagnosed with the novel coronavirus at the University Medical Center in the central and western French city of Tours.

It is reported that the man is an asymptomatic infected person and is currently in good condition at home quarantine.

The French General Health Agency also said that the local health authorities have begun to track down the medical staff and other close contacts who received the man and imposed strict quarantine.

At present, the laboratory of France’s National Respiratory Infection Virus Reference Research Center is conducting genetic sequence analysis of multiple samples infected with COVID-19.

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