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Four people died in the avalanche in Utah, USA.

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Los Angeles, February 6 An avalanche occurred in a mountainous area of Utah in the western United States on the 6th, killing four skiers and injuring four others.

The Utah Avalanche Center announced that the avalanche occurred at noon local time on the 6th, when a group of eight people were skiing at Mount Wilson in Mill Creek Canyon not far from Salt Lake City, Utah’s capital, and they were carrying trackers on their bodies.

The injured have been sent to the hospital for treatment and their condition is stable.

Rescue workers are still searching near the scene of the incident for any other victims.

Utah Avalanche Center issued a mountain avalanche warning on the morning of the 6th.

Recently, heavy snow has fallen in the mountainous areas of the western United States, and many avalanches have occurred.

Three people died from an avalanche at an alpine ski resort in Colorado last weekend.

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