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Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi was absent from the hearing, and his health status was of concern.

Former Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi was absent from the hearing, and his health status was of concern.

December 2 According to a report quoted by the European Union News Agency, the 84-year-old former Italian Prime Minister and Chairman of the Power Party Berlusconi was absent from a hearing in a criminal case in Milan court on November 30, which aroused public concern about his health. Counsel confirmed that due to the deterioration of his heart disease, the presiding judge approved him to entrust a lawyer to defend on his behalf.

According to reports, on December 1 local time, lawyer Checoni said that Berlusconi has been resting at home since he recovered from the hospital from the novel coronavirus. Recently, his health condition has been very unsatisfactory, and there has been a trend of worsening atrial fibrillation.

Previously, after being diagnosed with the novel coronavirus on September 2, Berlusconi was admitted to Milan San Rafael Hospital on the evening of the 3rd local time for further examination and treatment due to symptoms of infection in both lungs. After that, he recovered and was discharged from the hospital on September 14.

On September 26, Sanglio, Berlusconi’s personal doctor and chief physician of Milan’s San Rafael Hospital, said that after 12 days of home quarantine after being discharged from the hospital, Berlusconi tested positive for COVID-19 again. However, his health is good, except for some typical weakness and emotional instability in the recovery period, he did not show any other obvious clinical symptoms.

According to reports, in 2006, at the age of 79, Berlusconi underwent surgery in the United States and implanted a pacemaker. In June 2016, Berlusconi was admitted to San Rafael Hospital in Milan again due to heart failure. After the doctor’s examination, he believed that Berlusconi’s aortic valve was insufficiency and a new heart valve needed to be replaced. Subsequently, he successfully underwent heart surgery.

Checoni stressed that Luconi has not yet reached its best health since recovering from the novel coronavirus. Recently, doctors asked him to stay at home to rest and rest due to the deterioration of his heart disease and atrial fibrillation symptoms. Doctors advised Berlusconi to exercise less and prohibit large exercise activities and long walks to reduce the burden on the heart.

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