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Former Governor of Tokyo: The mutant novel coronavirus has invaded Tokyo. It is too late to take prevention and control measures.

Japan's Deputy Minister of Liberal Arts was dismissed from office due to entering and leaving nightclubs during the pandemic emergency.

Shinkansen platform in Japan (Asahi Shimbun)

December 27th – Former Japanese governor of Tokyo, Ni Tianyao, pointed out on his personal tweet on the 27th that the mutant virus in Britain has entered Tokyo, and criticized the Japanese government for saying that the current border prevention and control measures are too late.

According to a report by Japan’s Tokyo Sports on the 27th, 708 new cases of COVID-19 were reported in Tokyo on the same day, the largest increase in Sunday’s history.

Tianyaoyi also wrote this figure on Twitter and said, “mutant coronavirus has entered Tokyo, and we should take this into account to respond accordingly.” Tianyaoyi previously called the spread of COVID-19 in Tokyo the “Tokyo problem”.

Japanese media reported on the 26th that since the mutant coronavirus has appeared in many countries around the world, including Japan, the Japanese government has decided to “suspend the admission of foreigners” from December 28 to the end of January next year.

In response, Mr. Tim said: “The mutant virus has spread in the United Kingdom since September this year, and 100 to 150 Britons enter Japan every day. The mutant virus should have entered Japan.

The government’s immigration restrictions are too late. Now it is important to improve the ability of virus analysis and grasp the current situation of the epidemic.

On the 25th, Japan announced that five people were found to be infected with the recently reported mutant novel coronavirus in the UK for the first time in the entry quarantine.

On the 26th, Japan reported two more cases of related infections, one of which was a pilot and the other was a family member of the pilot in Japan.

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