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Former FA President Greg Clark resigns as Vice President of FIFA

Former FA President Greg Clark resigns as Vice President of FIFA

On November 12th local time, former FA President Greg Clark resigned from the post of Vice President of FIFA after having a telephone conversation with UEFA President Alexander Ceferin.

On November 10, Greg Clark resigned from the position of chairman of the FA after he referred to African-American players as “colored” players at a hearing with the British Ministry of Digital, Culture, Media and Sports Committee. Clark subsequently apologized for using the word and added that his “unacceptable words” were not good for football development.

Clarke was elected as the Vice President of FIFA in February 2019. According to reports, Clark continued to hold the position at the request of Ceferin until the UEFA General Assembly election in March 2021 to ensure UEFA’s voting rights. But after speaking with Ceferin again on the morning of the 12th, Clark announced his resignation from this position.

UEFA wrote in its statement, “This morning (12th) there was a phone call between the UEFA President and Greg Clark. The two sides agreed to Greg Clark’s proposal that he should resign immediately in FIFA. Served as the representative of UEFA in the council.”

According to reports, UEFA will appoint a temporary successor to participate in the next FIFA meeting. However, the temporary successor cannot serve as the Vice President of FIFA, and the formal successor will still need to be elected at the UEFA Conference in March 2021.

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