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Floyd’s main offenders are being held in “the harshest prisons” where some of the most dangerous criminals are serving their sentences

Floyd's main offenders are being held in "the harshest prisons" where some of the most dangerous criminals are serving their sentences

April 22 2021 Convicted Floyd convicted mastermind Derek Chauvin will be held temporarily in Oak Park Heights Jail, Minnesota Correctional Facility, for the next eight weeks, U.S. media reported. The prison is one of the most secure state prisons, and in its nearly 40-year history, no inmate has ever returned from it. For security reasons, Xiao Wan is held separately from other criminals.

After his conviction, Xiao Wan’s bail was quickly revoked and he was transferred to a prison in Stillwater, where he will remain until he is sentenced, cnn and other U.S. media reported.

Shaw is expected to be sentenced within eight weeks, with a maximum of 40 years in prison for second-degree murder, up to 25 years for third-degree murder and up to 10 years for manslaughter. For security reasons, Shawan is in “administrative isolation” and is held incommunicado in a restricted unit of the administrative control department, the state’s safest department, the prison said.

The facility, located about 25 miles east of downtown Minneapolis, is known for its high security and hosting some of the most notorious criminals, the report said. According to National Geographic’s “America’s Toughest Prison” series, the prison was partially built underground to segregate inmates and prevent them from clashing with each other or guards.

Newsweek reports that since it first opened in 1982, no inmate has retreated from the idea of escape, and a prison homicide has been recorded. Prison guards also said there had been “many attacks on employees” and that “vigilance must be exercised at all times since dealing with some of the worst offenders”.

The facility, which can hold up to 473 inmates, is the prison for some of the state’s most dangerous offenders. Some of the most notorious inmates who have served and are still serving their sentences include Paul Michael Stephanie, Minnesota’s “whispering killer”, “Worth Park killer” Mark Antonio Profit, and Byron Smith, who killed his cousin on Thanksgiving Day 2012.

Another inmate, Lawrence Scott Dame, was convicted of fatal wounding with intent and served time there, and one day in October 2000, after his sister, brother-in-law and three nephews fell asleep at home, Dame launched a fatal assault on the family.

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