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Flash Player is about to stop running on Windows 10.

Flash Player is about to stop running on Windows 10.

December 29, Adobe recently released a new pop-up window to remind users to delete the software in time because Microsoft will automatically delete Flash Player in the next update of Windows 10.

It is understood that on Windows computers that still have Flash Player, Adobe has begun to issue the following pop-up announcement: “Thank you for using Adobe Flash Player.

To help keep your system secure, Adobe will block Flash from running at that software level starting January 12, 2021, and Adobe strongly recommends that you remove Flash Player from your system immediately by clicking the uninstall button.”

Adobe also said that even if the user does not manually delete Flash Player, the software will automatically stop running in January next year.

It is worth noting that this change will not affect the use of Flash Player technology in browsers.

Flash will remain one of the built-in components until the next browser update.

It is reported that as a widely used and proprietary multimedia program player, the usage rate of Flash Player has declined year by year in recent years due to technical restrictions and other reasons, and will eventually withdraw from the historical stage in January next year.

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