Fist and kick with two national team teammates? J Ronaldo refutes the rumor: Absolutely not

November 20th Colombian star J. Romes Rodriguez (J. Ronaldo) issued an announcement to refute the rumors of a conflict between two teammates of the national team.

Previously, media had reported that J Ronaldo had fierce arguments with some relatively less famous players in Colombia’s 4-6 defeat to Ecuador, and even had physical conflicts and scuffles.

However, J Ronaldo issued a long article to refute the rumor.” After the World Preliminary South American Zone on November 13 and 17, 2020, there were some innuendoes from the public, the media and fans about problems in the relationship between players in the national team, which I completely deny.

“What happened on the court and the unfortunate score results did not represent our level. I maintained respect and good relations with every national teammate in the locker room and in my personal life.

At the competitive level, we are in a difficult moment. We players first realize their responsibilities. However, as a team, we remain united and continue to maintain the dream of winning the Qatar World Cup finals. Although it will be more difficult, we will work hard for it.”

“For previous rumors about the locker room atmosphere and team harmony, we need to make it clear that although the loss affects the mood of the team, there has never been a conflict between our teammates in the report. J. Ronaldo also said that legal measures will be taken when needed.