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Fearing that “no-deal Brexit” will cause chaos, the European Union issued an emergency plan

Fearing that "no-deal Brexit" will cause chaos, the European Union issued an emergency plan

The European Commission proposed a number of targeted emergency measures on the 10th local time to ensure that the EU and the United Kingdom continue to maintain basic smooth air, road transportation, etc. in the event of failure to reach a trade agreement on time, and to ensure that both sides continue to provide mutually beneficial access in the field of fisheries.

In a notice issued on the same day, the European Commission said that the relevant emergency measures only apply to the stage when the two sides have not signed an agreement, but after a certain period of time, if the two sides have not reached an agreement, the emergency measures will be effective.

In terms of air transport, the EU proposes that the two sides provide specific reciprocal services for six months; in the field of fisheries, the EU proposes that both parties maintain the fishing status quo until 31 December 2021 and continue to allow each other’s vessels to enter their own waters for fishing.

At present, the EU and the United Kingdom are negotiating a future relationship with a trade agreement at its core. European Commission President von der Leyen said on the same day that given that the end of the Brexit transition period, even if the two sides finally reached an agreement, there was no guarantee that the agreement would enter into force on time. The emergency measures were aimed at preparing for all possible situations, including the case of a “no-deal Brexit”.

According to the previous Brexit agreement between the European Union and the United Kingdom, the United Kingdom will end the “Brexit” transition period at the end of this month. If Europe and Britain do not reach a trade agreement during the transition period, the trade between the two sides will return to the WTO framework from 2021 and resume border inspection and tariffs.

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