Farmed mink infected with COVID-19 for the first time in France

The French government issued a press release on the 22nd saying that mink infection with the novel coronavirus was found in a farm in the department of Earl-Loire in the northwest of the country, which was the first time that such a situation had been found in France.

The press release jointly issued by the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Ecological Transformation stated that since May this year.

A survey conducted by France’s National Food, Environment and Labor Health Agency in mid-November found that the mink farm in the department of Earl-Loire had contracted the novel coronavirus. The French government immediately demanded to put down more than 1,000 mink in the farm and destroy related animal products.

There are four mink farms in France. One of the other three farms has tested the mink for the virus and has not found the novel coronavirus. The relevant departments are testing the remaining two mink farms, and if mink is found to be infected with the virus, the same measures will be taken as the first farm.

At present, all the staff of the four farms have been tested, and no infection cases have been found yet.

Previously, Denmark, the Netherlands, Sweden, Greece, Italy, Spain and other European countries have all found that mink infection with the novel coronavirus has been detected and taken anti-kill measures to prevent the spread of the virus.