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Farewell, the worst Secretary of State Pompeo in history

Farewell, the worst Secretary of State Pompeo in history

Craft and Pompeo (Source: Taiwan media)

Until the last day of his term, U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo still caused trouble on Twitter.

On January 19th, local time, Pompeo criticized “multiculturalism” on Twitter, saying that it is “not American”.

After the relevant remarks were published, it not only aroused the disgust of internal diplomats, but also attracted fierce criticism from the media, believing that it was a “racist” insult.

This incident before leaving office seems to be the epitome of Pompeo’s more than two years of secretary of state.

In addition to giving people “classic quotes” of “we lie, we cheat, we steal”, he is also rejected by many foreign allies, laughed at by his opponents, and disgusted by a large number of diplomats under his command.

In this article reviewing his career as Secretary of State, The New York Times speaks out about Pompeo—he is “the worst secretary of state in American history.”

The last day, Pompeo is still causing trouble.

The worst Secretary of State in the history of the United States

The countdown to the handover of the U.S. regime has entered, and one person is still racing against the clock to provoke conflict, create confrontation, and stage the so-called “doomsday madness”.

He is the U.S. Secretary of State Pompeo, who is proud of “lying, cheating, stealing”.

In the past ten days or so, from lifting restrictions on U.S. officials’ contact with Taiwan, to reclassify Cuba as a “pro-terrorism country”, to the increase of already severe sanctions against Iran, Pompeo has carried out a series of intensive operations.

Moreover, he also regarded social media as the last show. In three days, he sent more than 60 tweets in a row, boasting about his so-called “political achievements” on China in the past few years, maliciously attacking China’s ruling party and China’s policies, hysterical to the point of endless.

Who do you want to show him this performance? In fact, it is not difficult to guess. Many American media analyzed that Pompeo was trying to contain the next U.S. government through “diplomatic blitzkrieg”.

The New York Times describes Pompeo as burning down every bridge and leaving countless messes. U.S. Foreign Policy said that his practice was privately described by U.S. officials as “cheap selling diplomacy”.

The crazier the more guilty you are. Pompeo’s hysteria is actually more because of his desperateness. The recent violence on Capitol Hill is a fatal blow to the political life of American leaders.

Pompeo, who is regarded as his confidant, although he wants to speculate politically and draw a line with American leaders later, it is obviously too late.

This “doomsday madness” with boasting “political achievements” and provoking confrontation as the main tone can be regarded as his last attempt to save himself.

All of this, of course, points to an ultimate goal.

The Washington Post said that while putting obstacles to the next administration, Pompeo was also accumulating a “political legacy” for his 2024 presidential election.

An American official said bluntly in an interview with the Washington Post that Pompeo is using these as the campaign platform for 2024.

In fact, Pompeo’s ambition to reach the top of power is never a secret in the United States.

For the past three years, he has continuously provoked antagonism and division to cater to the right-wing forces in the United States; he has gone to Iowa as Secretary of State for the “Family Leaders Summit” as Secretary of State to spare no effort to please evangelical voters; he used public funds to hold “Madison Dinner” to win over consortiums and the media; and he even broke The neutral tradition of the U.S. State Department participates in the Republican Convention in Israel by video speech, trying to flatter the president’s “boss”.

When the chief diplomat of the global superpower puts his personal political ambitions above national interests, his foreign policy is undoubtedly a great danger to the whole world.

In the past three years of office, Pompeo has incited hatred and created division everywhere. Together with other “political arsonists” in Washington, he staged one political farce after another in the international community, which also made the United States fool of themselves.

It has been seen that his U.S. diplomacy has interpreted unilateralism to the extreme, retreating from the group and breaking the contract, causing unprecedented damage to the international order; he exaggerated the new cold war, suppressed and surrounded China everywhere, and attempted to curb China’s development; he undermined the Iran nuclear agreement, which is regarded as the behind-the-scenes driver of the assassination of Iran’s senior generals. ;

He also constantly intimidate and suppress European countries, causing the relationship between the United States and allies to deteriorate…

With intimidation diplomacy, lie diplomacy and sanctions diplomacy, Pompeo showed the world the true face of Washington’s arrogance, hypocrisy and arbitraryness, and tore off the fig leaf of “democracy”, “freedom” and “human rights” as claimed by the United States.

No wonder the New York Times commented that Pompeo damaged the reputation of the U.S. State Department built with centuries of service and sacrifice.

Atlantic Monthly said bluntly, “We live in a failed country”. Even the media in Pompeo’s hometown of Kansas commented that Pompeo’s tenure made America “full of sadness, anger and pity” in the eyes of the world.

“The bell after class” rings, and no matter how crazy Pompeo performs, it is only the last struggle of weakness.

He boasts that history will remember the “achievements” made during his term of office, but history remembers exactly the evidence of his crime that harmed the interests of the world for his own personal gain.

Before leaving office, Pompeo staged a Twitter “doomsday carnival”.

Since the 16th local time, Pompeo has sent nearly 60 tweets in just two days, of which more than 40 are attacking China, accounting for two-thirds.

During the re-reveriet and exaggeration of the “China Threat”, Pompeo still did not forget to “drain” himself in advance: “This account of my Secretary of State is almost out of use, please remember to follow my new account!”

On the 19th, in addition to slandering China and writing leaving speech as usual, one of his tweets triggered a public opinion disturbance. Awakeningism, multiculturalism, all of which are not the United States.

They distort our glorious founding process and the nature of this country. Our enemies provoked these differences to weaken us.

However, this statement soon attracted rebuttal from diplomats and mainstream media such as CNN and The New York Times.

Conrad Tribble, a current U.S. diplomat, tweeted that multiculturalism is one of the “greatest advantages” of the United States, and the impact of American cultural diversity on global soft power is “not too much”.

Charles Ray, the former U.S. Ambassador to Zimbabwe, believes that one of the tasks of the Secretary of State is to unite different parts of the United States, and Pompeo made a similar statement at this time as “unfortunate and disturbing”.

Interestingly, the Association of Black Ambassadors of America compared Pompeo to incoming Secretary of State Blincoln in a statement.” While we were discouraged by reading the outgoing Secretary of State’s tweet, we are delighted to see the new Secretary of State, Blincoln, in his statement, promising to make the foreign service fully represent the diversity of the United States, which is like the country we represent.”

CNN commented that Pompeo’s remarks were quickly condemned as a “shocking racist insult” to his employees, the institutions he represents, and the values that the institutions should uphold.

Political strategists cited by CNN believe that Pompeo’s last tweet is to attract “Trump factions” in the Republican Party, pander to anti-immigrant policies, attack so-called “political correctness”, and prepare for the 2024 presidential election.

Douglas Heye, a Republican strategist, said Pompeo clearly positioned himself as the successor to Trump’s fundamentals.

The tweet he posted was “everything that supports Trump”.

At present, the U.S. State Department has not responded to this tweet.

The New York Times: The Worst Secretary of State in History

In a retrospective article in the New York Times on January 18, Pompeo’s current situation is “embattled”: he is rejected by many foreign allies, laughed at by his opponents, disgusted by his large number of diplomats, and trying to protect his political future.

Pompeo is a commander of the Trump administration’s “scorched earth foreign policy”.

The article recalled from 1983 that Pompeo, who was still studying at West Point at that time, decided to “protect the United States from enemy attacks” after seeing the bombing of Lebanese American military camps by Iranian militias.

After 35 years, after becoming the 70th Secretary of State in 2018, Pompeo has the same “military thinking” when facing the world.

For example, he described foreign policy as a “task force”, and his wife Susan was a “fire multiplier” to relax the vigilance of dignitaries and the families of State Department employees.

Pompeo did not believe in the power of persuasion, but tried to exert high pressure on European leaders and mock Iran’s rulers.

The State Department and many policy analysts believe that Pompeo’s imitation of Trump-style “unconventional diplomacy” has finally been counterproductive.

The New York Times quoted officials and analysts as saying that Pompeo, 57, was about to leave office and he was labeled as perhaps “the worst secretary of state in American history”.

And the label will continue to haunt him as he considers running for president in 2024, or for other positions.

For political purposes, Pompeo may want people to remember that he is a key figure in the Trump administration, but such a title is much worse abroad than a die-hard Republican Republican who don’t care much about election foreign policy.

Moreover, after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol this month, more and more Republican officials sought to distance themselves from the outgoing president.

According to the New York Times, Pompeo once described himself as a believer of “realism, restraint and respect” – his long-time gold owner Charles G. Koch) the way it advocates.

In the four House elections from 2010 to 2016, the donation network of conservative billionaire Koch provided more campaign contributions to Pompeo than other congressional candidates in the United States.

During his career, Pompeo also left “classic quotations”. In April 2019, Pompeo gave a speech at Texas A&M University and answered questions from students.

A student asked about the foreign policy of the United States against a controversial country like Saudi Arabia, and Pompeo replied: “I served as the director of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). We lie, we cheat, we steal.

We also have a course to teach these. This is the glory of the United States to constantly explore and enterprising.

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