Families of the deceased from Coronavirus in United States call for wearing masks

South Dakota is currently one of the most severely affected states in United States. 

This serious situation is inseparable from the attitude of the local government and the people on epidemic prevention. 

Recently, CNN interviewed Chris Bjorkman, a South Dakota resident who lost her husband due to new crown pneumonia.

When telling her experience of losing her lover, she said in tears that she didn’t want the same tragedy to happen to others.

Repeatedly, I hope everyone can be more considerate of others, wear masks and comply with epidemic prevention regulations.

Chris Bjorkman, a resident of South Dakota, USA: I want him to go home. I always thought he would come back. 

Chris Bjorkman lives in De Smet, South Dakota, more than 160 kilometers away from Sioux Falls, where the state is currently more affected. In September of this year, she and her husband both tested positive for the new crown pneumonia virus.

Chris Bjorkman was lucky enough to recover, but her husband’s condition deteriorated and he had to be sent to the hospital in Sioux Falls for treatment.

However, due to the overcrowding of the hospital, her husband was transferred to the hospital in Minnesota a few hours later. 

Chris Bjorkman’s husband John Bjorkman: They airlifted me here, and I really don’t know if I can see tomorrow. I’m really nervous.

After 30 days of treatment, 66-year-old John Bjorkman eventually passed away. South Dakota is currently one of the most severely affected states in United States, but the state government has refused to issue some measures to prevent the spread of the virus, such as “mask order” and “home order”. 

This summer, South Dakota still allows thousands of tourists to participate in large local motorcycle gatherings, and refuses to cancel the state fair, nor does it require participants to wear masks. 

The governor of the state, Noam, has also repeatedly emphasized that whether to wear a mask is ultimately a personal choice, not a legal obligation. 

For this approach, local medical staff strongly opposed. 

Emery, a local medical worker in the United States: Our governor has always misled the people. 

From the beginning, she downplayed the danger of the new coronavirus and the importance of wearing a mask. 

Doing so will put more people at risk.

As for the local people’s disregard of the epidemic, Chris Bjorkman, who lost her husband, said that he did not want his experience to happen to others again. 

She hopes that people will think more about each other, abide by the epidemic prevention regulations, and let the epidemic end as soon as possible. 

Chris Bjorkman, a resident of South Dakota, USA: I hope people will not repeat my tragedy. 

I hope people will care more about their neighbors and their families and wear masks. 

Do more to let the epidemic end soon!