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False vaccinations have occurred in parts of Brazil. The police launched an investigation into the people involved.

False vaccinations have occurred in parts of Brazil. The police launched an investigation into the people involved.

△Image source: CNN station in Brazil

Recently, according to the police released in Nitroy, Rio de Janeiro, southeastern Brazil, a local medical worker was arrested for false injections of the coronavirus vaccine. At present, the person is under investigation.

It is reported that the medical staff is a 42-year-old woman who was vaccinated against a 90-year-old man. The injection process was recorded by the accompanying family of the elderly by video.

The video shows that medical personnel inserted the needle into the old man’s upper arm and pulled it out immediately, but did not press the syringe plunger to inject the vaccine.

After the incident, the city government of Nitroy suspended the medical staff, and she was also prosecuted by the police for violating health measures and embezzlement of public property.

Police investigators said that based on the description of the family and video information, it can be judged that the medical staff member was vaccinated without coercion and consciousness, and that the failure to inject the vaccine indicates that she may have attempted to misappropriate the vaccine.

The Nitroy City Health Bureau revealed that on the day of the incident, medical staff rushed to the elderly’s home to complete the vaccination for him.

Similar problems have occurred in other parts of Brazil during the vaccination process. According to the Federal Nursing Commission of the country, such incidents have occurred in four cities, including the city of Pedropolis in the mountainous area in addition to the city of Nitro, and the other two places are Goyania, the capital of Goiás in the midwest and the city of Maceyo, the capital of the state of Aragos in the northeast.

The committee said that all medical personnel involved are under investigation, and if the situation is true, the personnel involved will be disqualified.

At the same time, medical professionals pointed out that the above-mentioned events are extremely special phenomena and do not reflect the overall situation of medical workers across the country, and the public does not have to worry about vaccination.

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