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Facebook completely bans “Australian News” Morrison seeks international support

by YCPress

February 19th – TheĀ American social media giant Facebook issued a complete blockade on “Australian News” on the evening of the 17th, restricting news media and users in Australia from sharing and accessing domestic and foreign news content from the 18th.

According to Sky News Australia on the 19th, Australian Prime Minister Morrison is seeking international help to reduce the impact of the ban on the country, and talked with Indian Prime Minister Modi on the 18th.

According to the report, the purpose of the conversation is to confirm that India shares Australia’s position on this issue and understand Australia’s concerns.

As an important ally of Australia, India has a huge number of users on Facebook, up to 320 million.

According to previous reports, Australia asked the social media platform Facebook to pay for news content, and Facebook responded by blocking the dissemination of news content.

Morrison called the ban on Facebook “higher than the government” on the 18th, and said that “they can change the world, but it does not mean that they can run the world”.

The Australian Parliament had previously voted on the bargaining power of the news media.