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Experts express concern about Pfizer and AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines

Experts express concern about Pfizer and AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines


AP: December 8th – On the 5th local time, Fortune magazine said in an article that experts expressed concern about the two coronavirus vaccines produced by Pfizer in the United States and AstraZeneca in the United Kingdom.

The article said that Pfizer vaccine needs to be transported at minus 70 degrees, which is lower than the winter average temperature in Antarctica, while vaccines produced by another American pharmaceutical company Modena also need to be transported at low temperatures.

Although Pfizer has developed its own shipping container that can maintain minus 70 degrees for up to 10 days, storing vaccines for a longer time requires large airport refrigeration warehouses, refrigeration trucks and refrigerators costing more than $10,000.

On the other hand, although AstraZeneca’s vaccine does not need such a cryogenic environment, which alleviates concerns about storage conditions to some extent, the “transparency and strictness” of its data has been questioned a few days after the release of the vaccine.

Many scientists said that the most effective result of the vaccine came from a one-time dosage error, and there were problems in the arrangement of trial data from different countries. Although AstraZeneca said that the tests were completed by “the highest standards”, it promised to verify the results again.

At the same time, the article said that the novel coronavirus vaccine developed by China uses different technologies, and there is no cold chain transportation problem.

The novel coronavirus vaccine from Kexing and China National Pharmaceutical Group has reached the final stage of the research and development process.

The Kochen vaccine is undergoing large-scale clinical testing in Brazil and Indonesia, and the data of Brazil’s test will be released in the near future.

Turkey and other countries have reached an agreement with Kochen that tens of millions of doses of coronavirus vaccine will be purchased if the results of the third phase of clinical trial prove to be effective.

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