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Every day the coronavirus deaths in the United States are comparable to “911” and the government must be held accountable.

Every day the coronavirus deaths in the United States are comparable to "911" and the government must be held accountable.

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December 31st the U.S. THE Hill published an editorial entitled “The Federal Government’s failed coronavirus response must be held accountable”, pointing out that the U.S. federal government should be held accountable and investigated for more than 300,000 people who died of the novel coronavirus.

“In August this year, scientists predicted that 300,000 people could die of COVID-19 in the United States by the end of the year.

We have crossed this terrible number.” Carrie Cordero, a senior researcher at the New American Security Center and an associate professor at Georgetown University School of Law, began to mention that the U.S. federal government failed to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, its response to the epidemic must be held accountable, and the American people deserve a historical record of the matter.

The article mentioned that the coronavirus epidemic occurred under the Trump administration, and the government’s anti-epidemic measures need to be studied, investigated and written in order to produce a clear and authoritative report.”

“Without a world war, more than 300,000 Americans died in 10 months,” the authors argue that someone must explain what happened, who made the decision, how White House officials interacted with federal agencies, how relevant agencies and leaders responded, etc.

Cordero pointed out that the investigation into 9/11 had previously been legislatively authorized and a “911” committee was established.

A professional team of lawyers, congressional staff and relevant executive branch experts investigates and publishes a 500-page report over two years. Compared with the review of the “911” committee, the establishment of the COVID-19 response committee has some advantages, such as most of the information related to the epidemic is unclassified. However, the challenge of this review is likely that some Trump administration officials may be unwilling to cooperate.

The article concludes with the fact that after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the United States reorganized the national security government department and enacted laws to promote national security investigations, intelligence activities and information sharing.

In terms of the coronavirus epidemic, the number of deaths in the United States is now comparable to that of a “9/11” incident.

The coronavirus has touched every aspect of American life. It affects Americans every day, week and month, and it can last for years.

Therefore, clear, accurate and historically based reports are necessary.

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