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European Space Agency recruits astronauts. People with disabilities can also apply.

European Space Agency recruits astronauts. People with disabilities can also apply.

February 18, according to the latest announcement issued by the European Space Agency (ESA), people with disabilities are also expected to become astronauts.

The European Space Agency is an international space exploration and development organization composed of several European governments. It is currently responsible for the development and development of Ariane 4 and Ariane 5 rocket launch vehicles.

The headquarters of ESA is in Paris, the capital of France, and the space launch center is located in French Guyana on the northern Atlantic coast of South America.

Currently, ESA is recruiting astronauts for 2021-22. It is worth mentioning that it said in the announcement: “ESA is looking for disabled people who meet the requirements of astronauts psychologically, cognitively, technically and professionally but do not qualify for the profession for physical reasons.”

Specifically, the scope of “disability” referred to by ESA includes: limb disability (congenital or due to amputation), different leg length (congenital or trauma), and short (<130 cm).

ESA also pointed out that more investment will be made in related hardware modifications to help these disabled people perform their tasks more safely and effectively.

The reasons for including people with disabilities in the scope of recruitment this time, the ESA boils down to “enhancing inclusiveness, embodying responsibility, lead by example and learning widely”.

ESA pointed out: “There is a long way forward, and we face many unknowns. But at present, the only thing we can do is to clear the path to space for disabled astronauts.

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