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European leaders’ influence list released, German Chancellor Merkel is called the “bedrock”

European leaders' influence list released, German Chancellor Merkel is called the "bedrock"

December 8th According to a European Union News Agency quoted by the European Network, on December 7th local time, the European version of American politicians (Politico Europe) released the list of Europe’s most influential leaders in 2021.

German Chancellor Merkel was called the “bedrock” of Europe; Italy Prime Minister Conte was named the most trustworthy and hard-working national leader in Europe and the most stable leader in Italy’s modern history.

According to the report, Merkel has been in power in Germany for more than 15 consecutive years. She has been praised as the “bedrock” of the economic recession, the global economic crisis and the European debt crisis. Now she is still presiding over the overall situation of the fight against the epidemic. Italian Prime Minister Conte was named the most influential national leader in Europe of the year, which is also highly praised.

The European version of the 2021 European Most Influential Leaders Rankings of Europe has three selection groups: “actors”, “subversives” and “dreamers”. 28 government leaders and party leaders in the European Union and member states have been selected and ranked in groups.

Conte topped the vote in the “opter” selection. The next is Emmer Cook, the new executive director of the European Drug Administration, and Lagarde, the president of the European Central Bank.

In the list of “subversive” votes, Giorgio Meloni, the leader of the Italian Brotherhood, is considered to be the most influential young leader of the far-right party in Europe.

In the “Dreamer” list. European Commission President von der Leyen won the first place. The next are NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and German Green Party President Belberg.

The report pointed out that Italian Prime Minister Conte faced three major challenges when entering politics from a law professor. First, he coordinated the relationship between the ruling party and effectively led the government cabinet, the other was to resolve Italy’s skepticism about the European Union, and the third was to fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. In the face of three major challenges, Conte has undoubtedly become the most stable leader in Italian modern history.

According to the European version of American politicians, Italy was the most affected country in Europe at the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak. In the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, Conte won a real “political lottery” and jointly promoted the European Union Recovery Fund with German Chancellor Merkel and French President Macron, making Italy the biggest beneficiary.

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