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EU leaders confirm that negotiations on future relations between Europe and Britain will continue in London next week

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On the afternoon of the 16th local time, the EU autumn summit with the UK’s “Brexit” issue at its core was concluded in Brussels. EU leaders reached consensus on EU-UK relations and called on the UK to take necessary actions to push the EU-UK negotiations to move forward.

The President of the European Commission Von der Lein confirmed on social media that the EU negotiating team will go to London next week as planned and will increase its efforts to negotiate. 

She reiterated the consistent position of all parties in the EU at this summit, that the EU will continue to work hard to reach an agreement with the UK, but not at all costs.

British Prime Minister Johnson previously stated that October 15 will be the deadline for Britain and the EU to reach a trade agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached by that time, “the two parties should accept this fact.”

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