EU Defense Minister held a secret meeting on video, and the big screen suddenly broke into strangers

On Friday (20th) local time, a Dutch journalist suddenly “breaks into” a confidential video conference between the defense ministers of EU member states for reasons that people can’t laugh or cry.

According to a video obtained by the American “Politary” news network, Daniel Villa, a reporter from the media “RTL Nieuws”, appeared in a video window at the top of the video conference screen that day. He wore a black T-shirt and smiled and waved to the ministers at the meeting.

According to reports, amid the laughter of some officials, the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Borelli said to Villa, “Did you know that you suddenly entered a secret meeting?”

“Yes, yes. I’m sorry. I am a journalist from the Netherlands and I’m sorry to interrupt your meeting.” Veran replied with a smile. Borelli asked, “Do you know this is a criminal offence?” He looks relaxed, but he is not entirely joking. “You’d better hang up before the police arrive (video).

It is understood that the Dutch journalist successfully connected to the ministerial virtual online meeting held on the Zoom platform after he found part of the password of the leaked video conference in a photo posted on Twitter by Dutch Defense Minister Anna Bigelwerd. Dutch Prime Minister Mark Lütte, after hearing the news, called for enhanced security of the network, according to the Belgian newspaper Evening News. “Ministers must once again consider how to exercise caution.”